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Black Metal - Voltumna - Disciplina Etrusca



  1. Voran
    Voltumna è il nome di una divinità femminile di origine etrusca, citata da Ovidio nelle Metamorfosi, che personificava la successione ciclica delle stagioni. A essa era dedicato il santuario federale etrusco (c.d. Fanum Voltumnae) e le si attribuiva la facoltà di assumere qualsivoglia forma e di scagliare fulmini.
  2. Faur
    Disciplina Etrusca gives even more emphasis on the death-black attitude of the band unique sound which sees Volutmna playing over gigs all over the world in some of the most popular music festivals like MetalGate Czech DeathFest, the British Incineration Festival, the Ukrainian Carpathian Alliance, the Metal Crowd Open air in Bielorussia, a tour in South Africa with Behemoth and a summer tour in .
  3. Nara
    Type: Full-length Release date: March 27th, Catalog ID: N/A Label: Independent Format: CD Reviews: 1 review (avg. 81%).
  4. Akinobar
    Voltumna, hailing from central Italy, was forged in by the young Haruspex on guitars, joined by drummer Augur Veii and Phersu, vocals/bass. Their mix of old school Death and Black Metal proved to set the right soundtrack for their lyrical themes, inspired by the myths and history of the Etruscan civilization. more.
  5. Kigashicage
    Disciplina Etrusca Tracklist: 1. Roma Delenda Est ♫ 2. Prophecy Of One Thousand Years 3. Disciplina Etrusca ♫ 4. The Alchemist 5. Bellerofonte 6. Bringer Of Light 7. Tages, Born From The Earth 8. Carnal Genesis 9. Measure The Divine Teofagia Black Metal (Venom Cover) Tirreno.
  6. Nar
    Umiltà, professionalità, caparbietà. Questi i pilastri su cui poggia la carriera dei viterbesi Voltumna, protagonisti negli ultimi anni di una lenta ma inesorabile ascesa ai vertici della scena black/death nostrana. “Disciplina Etrusca” è il loro secondo full-length e nell’arco di tre 7/
  7. Jugal
    Disciplina Etrusca is Voltumnas’ second full length, released in March this year. Upon hearing these guys are from the country that brought forth Lahmia and Fleshgod Apoccalypse, my soul was more than tugged, as these are both quality death metal bands with a .

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