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The Phylum Chordata - A Sequential Proportion Of Line And Mass Intended Mostly For My Muse... (CDr,



  1. Akibar
    Learn test phylum hemichordata chordata with free interactive flashcards. Choose from different sets of test phylum hemichordata chordata flashcards on Quizlet.
  2. Yojinn
    Animals: Phylum Chordata-Vertebrata; Mammals; Ziser Lecture Notes, 15 require x’s the food energy as living reptiles and amphibians to maintain the same body mass teeth all but a few mammals have teeth eg. monotremes, anteaters, some whales earliest mammals were insectivores teeth were all the same peglike shape.
  3. Zujar
    Phylum Chordata: Protochordates 1 Biological Sciences – Animal Biology – Notes & Vocabulary Phylum Chordata (L. chorda, cord) ¾ The animals most familiar to people – humans belong to this phylum ¾ Phylum name derived from presence of a notochord = rodlike, semi-rigid connective tissue structure for support of body and muscles and to stiffen the body.
  4. Jugor
    1. Meaning of Phylum Chordata: The Phylum Chordata encompasses a vast group of diverse animals ranging from ascidians to man (Fig. ). A few characteristics like Notochord, Dorsal hollow tubular nerve cord and Pharyngeal gill-slits unite .
  5. Kazrajora
    Phylum Hemichordate- Acorn Worm *Share several features related to the development of the embryos. *The Phylum Hemichordata (which we do not discuss) appears to link the echinoderm and chordate phyla. *Hemichordate larvae are similar to some echinoderms but share some characteristics with chordates (dorsal, sometimes hollow nerve cord, gill slits).
  6. Moogujas
    Classification of Phylum Chordata. In chordates, the food laden blood from the digestive tract passes through the capillary net work in the liver, before reaching the heart. Thus the veins originating from the digestive tract as capillaries and ending in the liver again as capillaries constitute the hepatic portal system. Classification.

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