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  1. Mukora
    The Polovtsian Dances, or Polovetsian Dances (Russian: Половецкие пляски, tr. Polovetskie plyaski from the Russian "Polovtsy"—the name given to the Kipchaks and Cumans by the Rus' people) form an exotic scene at the end of act 2 of Alexander Borodin's opera Prince Igor.
  2. Mushura
    Orchestre symphonique d’Utrecht, Paul Hupperts (conductor) Publisher Info. Act 2 No Choral Dance (Polovtsian Dances) Polovtsian Sentries Orchestra piccolo, 2 flutes (1st or 2nd also piccolo), 2 oboes, English horn, 2 clarinets, bass clarinet, 2 bassoonsAuthorities: Wikipedia; GND: ; BNF: .
  3. Samushura
    Jun 19,  · The triumphant Polovtsian Khan Konchak, having defeated Prince Igor, magnanimously entertains him with a series of songs and dances performed by his .

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